Tunç Doluca with first Maxim Intregrated business plan

Why the Maxim Story Needed to be Told

While this book, “Maximum Impact,” tells the tale of a great semiconductor company, its founding CEO and his larger-than-life personality has inevitably taken center stage within many of its pages. The adventures of Jack and Maxim’s other founders also embody business lessons and a legacy that should be memorialized for the sake of those who carry the torch of progress forward.

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Maxim Founders

The Wild West Adventures of Maxim

While working on “Maximum Impact,” I really enjoyed taking readers on a journey through the “wild west” early days of Silicon Valley, as the founders built the most prolific analog chip creator of its day. This book traces the technological revolution that bold, charismatic Maxim Founder and CEO Jack Gifford embarked upon with his genius colleagues. I had the good fortune to join this renegade group a few years after they embarked on the Maxim journey. Apart from providing a unique historical perspective, these pages also shed light on the perseverance and dedication it takes to build a successful company.

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Finding the Maxim Story’s Hidden Treasures

While working as a temporary contingent editor at Maxim Integrated, I quickly realized that the founding story of the company was a hidden treasure. As a frequent book author and ghost writer, my antennae are always up for great stories. After reading and viewing snippets of the founding tales of the driven, brilliant and genius founders making their mark during the company’s turbulent early days, I decided to make a book proposal.

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In honor of Maxim’s founding CEO, all profits from this book will be donated to Jack Gifford’s favorite charity, East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring in East Palo Alto, California.
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